Welcome to the Bath Gynae Cancer Support Group

The newly formed Gynae (Gynaecological) Cancer Support Group is meeting on the first Wednesday of each month from 10.00 – 12.00 at The Boathouse at Newbridge, Bath. We have been very generously given a private room overlooking the river for our coffee and biscuits.

This group has been started and  is run by Katharine Tylko-Hill and Ann Hollas. Both have been treated at the RUH for womb cancer. Tracy Langton, Cancer Information Specialist Nurse at the RUH has been enormously helpful and we have had support from Macmillan Cancer.

The wonderful keep fit teacher and fund raiser Maureen Conroy has raised money to enable this group to be formed and Macmillan Cancer has given the group a grant too.

The aim of the group is to give those with Gynae cancers, before, during and after treatment, a chance to befriend fellow patients and share experiences and concerns. Gynaecological cancers are sadly on the increase and affect all ages. Patients can feel very frightened and isolated after diagnosis and during and after treatment. The group would also like to promote awareness of the early symptoms of Gynae cancers to help others achieve an early diagnosis. Next year there are plans to hold a monthly meeting in the evening too. The venue is to be confirmed.

The Gynae cancers are primarily Cervical Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Womb Cancer, Vaginal Cancer and Vulva Cancer. Treatment is getting better all the time and with early diagnosis many of these cancers can be cured. There is evidence to suggest that attending a support group can help coping abilities enormously.

Parking at The Boathouse is easy and the Park & Ride buses are very frequent. Come along to our next meeting and have a chat, coffee and biscuits. The meetings are drop in style and are informal. There is no charge for either coffees or parking.

2015 meetings of The Gynae Support Group

(still at The Boathouse, Newbridge at 10.00)

Wednesday May 6th
Wednesday  June 3rd
Wednesday July 1st
Wednesday August 5th
Wednesday September 2nd
Wednesday October 7th
Wednesday November 4th
Wednesday December 9th

Photo: Gareth Williams Folkestone Beach – July 2010 – Blustery Beach